Thursday, April 30, 2009

Micmac fund update

Okay, we have collected (including pledges) $443.46 (you people are

We spent $175 on FindToto
(Calls were made yesterday evening)

$32 on Fido Finder
(Click on Lost Dogs at top right, then put in zip code. You get a list of
the dogs lost in that area.)

$5 on America's National Lost and Found Pet Database

$71. on ad in Lynchburg newspaper for ad to run in lost and found Saturday
and Sunday

$10 on Lost Dogs Database

Total of $293

Thursday Micmac Update

I wrote a piece for the Lynchburg paper which Jo is going to send in and see if we can get it published. If they don't use it, I'll hit the other area papers with it. With some of the "extra money" I put an ad in the Lynchburg paper for Saturday and Sunday. When did newspaper ads get so damn expensive and WHY? It was $71 for two days for about a four line ad. And to think I was considering asking them about a boxed one or one with a picture!
SO here is what we have covered as far as I know.-- anyone who knows more, please add to it. I hate to duplicate efforts.
-- Lori has covered a good bit of Charlottesville -- vets, trainers, etc.
-- Lynchburg vets I've emailed a good many and am calling more today
-- Lynchburg SPCA -- emailed and called
-- Amherst SPCA -- Darren has been there twice
-- flyers all over Amherst -- Kathy & crew
-- flyers in Lynchburg - Bev's mom (Bev, do you know where-all she took them? I can get more there Saturday)
-- Charlottesville SPCA - I called
-- Danville SPCA -- I called
-- Augusta County (Staunton/Waynesboro) - I emailed
-- Richmond SPCA & Animal Control - Roxann
-- internet lost dog sites are fairly well covered and I'll check some more today
-- Craigslist - Kathy's friend
-- Petfinder -- Kathy's friend
-- Whippet forums -- Vanessa
-- Whippet email lists -- Johannah
-- Sweetbriar & Lynchburg College are covered
I'm working on the Amherst AM station and as much on-air media as I can get to, just for community service lost and found.

Sharyn Hutchens
Timbreblue Whippets

More flyers, some people reported they got the Find Toto calls!

When I was out delivering flyers this morning (I work an hour from home, so I have to juggle things) I had three people tell me they got calls last night from the Find Toto people, so there you go.

There are now flyers at the grocery store, post office, two day-cares, nursing home, rescue squad, bakery (very tempting!), laundromat, two gas stations and on the fence of the local elementary school, right where the parents line up to collect kids. Dr Angle will probably kill me for that one :) It has been threatening rain since mid-afternoon yesterday, but hasn't quite done it yet, so I haven't put signs on telephone poles yet, but I did put a lot of the smaller ones on people's mail boxes when we were out walking last night. They're basically an 8 x 11 sheet in quarters, which makes them nice and easy to hand out to people we see around.

I'm also not helped by the fact that I am allergic to the state of Virginia in the spring, and while 9 hours in the air-conditioning at work yesterday helped a lot, 45 minutes walking around outside took care of that. Grrr. Stupid trees.

Thanks again for everything you're doing!

Kathy & Family

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Find Toto Service update

We decided on "Plan C" which is 1500 phone calls, and they will start going out at 9am tomorrow morning. This is the message: "Your neighbor Kathy has lost her dog Micmac, who is a whippet, which looks like a small greyhound. He is brindle, striped with black and brown. You can see his pictures and more information at If you have seen him or have any information, please call Kathy at 434-826-9730 or 434-946-7928."

Here is Micmac's listing on the web page: Micmac on FindToto

Thank you ALL for your kindness and generosity. Without your help we would not be able to search as effectively for Micmac! We will bring this baby home!!

Find Toto Service

We decided to take up a collection to do the "Find Toto" service, which will call all of Kathy's neighbors with a recorded message about Micmac ( We are accepting donations through Paypal or check (write to Sharyn at for her mailing address). Thank you all for your generous donations! We will bring this baby home!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Putting the word out

Kathy Kreeger's MicMac (MacBeth from the Shakespeare litter) got out of their yard on Sunday and has been missing ever since. They've contacted vets, animal shelters, put up posters, and everything else but there has been no word and no sighting. I'm sure someone took him in -- he is a very friendly little guy -- but the trick is in finding that person. If any of you know people in the Lynchburg/Amherst VA area, please ask them to be on the lookout. Needless to say, Kathy and family are frantic, and so are Mac's breeders!

Phone Numbers:
Kathy or Darren at 434-826-9730 or 434-946-7928

Sharyn or Walt at 540-464-8046 or 540-817-0264.

Reward offered, of course.

Micmac is missing!

We got home from church / soccer / swimming Sunday afternoon and only three dogs came to greet me at the gate. There is a spot by the back gate down in the woods where he could have slipped through - Darren had blocked the space but whatever he had used had been moved.
I would have called to tell you, but I can't quite keep it together long enough to be coherent on the phone.

We have searched all along the paths through the woods (not very big woods, we're right in town, but it used to be a farm in that area so there are trails between the streets) and haven't seen hide nor hair of him. A lot of people know who he is, because he was out running with Darren & the two younger dogs just on Saturday morning. Whenever I talk to people about him, they say 'Oh he's the one that runs with the other two and your husband?' We have a zillion black mutts roaming around town, so you know that a dog as distinctive as MicMac would really stand out but nobody has seen him - it's like he has disappeared off the face of the earth.

We're hoping that he is reclining on someone's couch, and we just have to find that someone. We have flyers at the grocery store, and the post office (and I gave them a copy for the carriers to see, because I figure they're out and about the most), I have postcard type things to give to people so they have our name and number, Darren has been to the shelter / SPCA twice (he says he's going to kick MicMac's little butt when he gets home, for making him have to walk through there) and they and our vet have all our contact information.

Another friend of ours who is a vet is going to have her 'girls' call the vets in the area, in case someone brought him in under the 'look at my new puppy' guise. We're doing everything we can think of, and as you can imagine we're just a tiny bit stressed. The boys seem less worried,
if only because all of our other dogs (with the exception of Sirius) have done this at least once, and Agnes seemed to make a career of it for a while there, and they've always come home.

So think positive thoughts for us, and we'll keep you informed.