Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Micmac Update

I wrote a piece for the Lynchburg paper which Jo is going to send in and see if we can get it published. If they don't use it, I'll hit the other area papers with it. With some of the "extra money" I put an ad in the Lynchburg paper for Saturday and Sunday. When did newspaper ads get so damn expensive and WHY? It was $71 for two days for about a four line ad. And to think I was considering asking them about a boxed one or one with a picture!
SO here is what we have covered as far as I know.-- anyone who knows more, please add to it. I hate to duplicate efforts.
-- Lori has covered a good bit of Charlottesville -- vets, trainers, etc.
-- Lynchburg vets I've emailed a good many and am calling more today
-- Lynchburg SPCA -- emailed and called
-- Amherst SPCA -- Darren has been there twice
-- flyers all over Amherst -- Kathy & crew
-- flyers in Lynchburg - Bev's mom (Bev, do you know where-all she took them? I can get more there Saturday)
-- Charlottesville SPCA - I called
-- Danville SPCA -- I called
-- Augusta County (Staunton/Waynesboro) - I emailed
-- Richmond SPCA & Animal Control - Roxann
-- internet lost dog sites are fairly well covered and I'll check some more today
-- Craigslist - Kathy's friend
-- Petfinder -- Kathy's friend
-- Whippet forums -- Vanessa
-- Whippet email lists -- Johannah
-- Sweetbriar & Lynchburg College are covered
I'm working on the Amherst AM station and as much on-air media as I can get to, just for community service lost and found.

Sharyn Hutchens
Timbreblue Whippets

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