Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Putting the word out

Kathy Kreeger's MicMac (MacBeth from the Shakespeare litter) got out of their yard on Sunday and has been missing ever since. They've contacted vets, animal shelters, put up posters, and everything else but there has been no word and no sighting. I'm sure someone took him in -- he is a very friendly little guy -- but the trick is in finding that person. If any of you know people in the Lynchburg/Amherst VA area, please ask them to be on the lookout. Needless to say, Kathy and family are frantic, and so are Mac's breeders!

Phone Numbers:
Kathy or Darren at 434-826-9730 or 434-946-7928

Sharyn or Walt at 540-464-8046 or 540-817-0264.

Reward offered, of course.

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