Thursday, April 30, 2009

More flyers, some people reported they got the Find Toto calls!

When I was out delivering flyers this morning (I work an hour from home, so I have to juggle things) I had three people tell me they got calls last night from the Find Toto people, so there you go.

There are now flyers at the grocery store, post office, two day-cares, nursing home, rescue squad, bakery (very tempting!), laundromat, two gas stations and on the fence of the local elementary school, right where the parents line up to collect kids. Dr Angle will probably kill me for that one :) It has been threatening rain since mid-afternoon yesterday, but hasn't quite done it yet, so I haven't put signs on telephone poles yet, but I did put a lot of the smaller ones on people's mail boxes when we were out walking last night. They're basically an 8 x 11 sheet in quarters, which makes them nice and easy to hand out to people we see around.

I'm also not helped by the fact that I am allergic to the state of Virginia in the spring, and while 9 hours in the air-conditioning at work yesterday helped a lot, 45 minutes walking around outside took care of that. Grrr. Stupid trees.

Thanks again for everything you're doing!

Kathy & Family

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