Thursday, May 7, 2009

Micmac and the animal communicator

I told Sharyn on Saturday that a friend at work had a friend who had worked with a pet psychic on one of her horses. Although we all laughed about it, her friend swore blind that this lady knew stuff about her horse that she hadn't mentioned (including details like he missed the yellow horse that used to be in the yard next to him - there used to be a palamino in the yard next to him but why a horse would know the word 'yellow' I've no idea) and that what the PP told her about his health problems were confirmed by the vet. So I figured what the heck, and emailed the lady. I got an autoreply saying she was booked solid through the 16th of May, but she did email me personally a few hours later saying she was sorry I'd lost my puppy and while she was really busy, here was the names of another person / couple to try. So yesterday I emailed them and we had the following exchanges:

Me: Hi - Debbie McGillivray gave us your name, as she is booked solid through mid-May. Our puppy went missing on Sunday 4/26 and he seems to have completely disappeared. Nobody has seen him around town - not even on the day he disappeared. We are fairly certain somebody has him - it's just a matter of finding that someone.

If you could let us know if you could help us in some way, we'd really appreciate it.

PP: So sorry that your puppy is missing. Yes, I'd love to help and if it's ok with you, my husband (Tom) is a communicator and he would like to help also. We need some details:
1. location where he went missing
2. description to include color, markings, breed, age, gender, etc.
(email a photo if you have one)
3. his name
4. where he lives (if different from where he went missing)

Just so you know, we are not presently set up professionally, so there is no cost to our service. Once we receive the information above, we will attempt to communicate with your puppy. We will then contact you to let you know what we received.

Me: Oh – thank you! We are starting to worry that he may be dead, but we feel sure we would have, well, found his body by now if that is the case.

He went missing from our house in Amherst, Virginia – we live on Blue Ridge Lane. He is a six month old male whippet (photo attached). His official name is Macbeth, but he answers to both Mac and MicMac.

It just seems so strange that nobody has seen him roaming around – we’ve had dogs go missing before (my other whippet has made quite the career of it) and someone always SEES them, even if they don’t pick them up. So we are kind of at a loss – we’re hoping that somebody saw him out of the yard and picked him up (there was a spot in the fence he could have gone through, and he had been out once or twice with one of our other dogs but they always came home nicely) OR picked him up out of the yard and took him home and just haven’t seen the multitude of posters we’ve plastered all over town.

I was a little surprised to have a reply when I got in to work this morning, this is from 8.00pm last night:

PP: I connected with MacBeth tonight. He's a very energetic, fun loving dog. He would like you to know that he's not injured and is OK but does want to come home. Here is what he told/showed me -- He and the other dog were out wandering and investigating. A white van stopped and MacBeth got in the van. The other dog took off. It was a white van like a worker's van with a sliding side door and panel doors in the rear with windows. There were two men with brown hair and looked to be in their early to mid twenties. They drove straight for awhile and then there was some stopping and starting like as if there were traffic lights. They went over what felt like a railroad track and shortly after that they turned left. Then they turned right and then another right (like about a block apart) then they turned right into a paved driveway. This is where they got him out.

The driveway was on the left side of a small white cottage type house with some small decorative white fence along the driveway and front yard and a front porch with railings. There's a small garage. The back yard is solid wooden fence where they take him to go potty. He is being fed and cared for but when he's in the house he's in a crate/kennel (like the wire kennels). He can hear other dogs barking on the street but there aren't any others in the house. There are neighbors on both sides of the house and the houses and layouts all look the same (older neighborhood). There is a mailbox and I see the numbers 835. He said even if he got loose he wouldn't know how to get home to you. He thinks if you put flyers up in neighboring towns/villages at the post offices and grocery stores. That was it for tonight. I will try to connect with him tomorrow and see if he can show me more about the neighbors and if anyone has seen him. If I get more I'll email you.

So. I'm not sure what to think. I'm not too sure about the 'he and the other dog' bit, because the space we found Doodle had to work at to get through - she only really did it because Darren was calling her from outside the fence - that morning when I'd been outside with our lab, she was inside looking pensive :) I would have been skeptical about the jumping into the van bit, except Darren told me after he'd read it that last time they went to Sweet Briar (which was Saturday) he did jump into our van himself - he loathes travelling in the car and normally you have to argue with him a bit about it. There is only one traffic light in town, and I can't think of a railway track however our roads are in fairly poor condition and so that wouldn't be too different to the railway line bit. So - interesting. Helpful? Not so sure. Guess I need to go hunting for houses with a number 835 in front of them...


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