Friday, May 1, 2009

Search party -- 5/2/09 -- Let's find Micmac!

If anyone is in the Lynchburg, VA area and would like to come help us look for MicMac tomorrow, let me know and I'll give you directions. To be honest, we are sure someone has him. There have been NO sightings since he escaped his yard, and I believe (and pray!) that the Kreegers would have found his body by now if he were dead. (I hate to even type those words).
Our search party is more to call attention to the fact that a lot of people are looking for him and perhaps encourage someone to report a friend or turn him in. If we can get media coverage, we will (he is Vivi's niece -- Micmac's sire is Ch Bohem Just in Time, a half brother to Vivi) so perhaps that angle will help.) Tomorrow we are planning to take our whippets and hand out more cards and flyers.

Unfortunately there will also be a search for a legally blind man lost on the Appalachian Trail in that area tomorrow. I had planned to call the media to see if I could get them interested in our search from a human interest angle -- the Vivi connection and the fact that there are so many people involved in this search -- but it seems a bit trivial to be looking for a dog when a human life is at stake nearby. But perhaps MicMac will turn up on the trail....we'll try to let someone in the search know about him if there is a way to do it tactfully.

Anyway, we are meeting in Amherst (where Micmac lives, just outside Lynchburg.) It's about 50 miles from Charlottesville and 100 from Richmond. I'll be glad to give directions to anyone who can join us. Bring your whippets -- this will be mostly putting up more flyers in Lynchburg.

Timbreblue Whippets

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