Friday, May 1, 2009

Today's update

To be honest, I do not think he is roaming the streets. I'm 95% sure somebody has him (the other 5% is going with the 'abudcted by aliens' theory) as NOBODY has seen him. When Doodle went missing a few years ago, I had calls all the time of sightings. No one laid a hand on her
the whole time she was gone, but a heck of a lot of people saw her. Even I did, once, as she disappeared down the middle of the road and around the corner into the woods.

A few years ago they gave us a sidewalk through town - it is a total of two miles long, which pretty much goes from the north end of town nearly all the way to the south. We live at the north end, and my husband has run it for years with the dogs (always with either at least one whippet, or a whippet-afghan cross who looks kind of greyhoundish). People in town know our dogs, because they've seen him running so often. Recently, Mac joined them - in fact the four of
them (husband, black lab, halfghan and MicMac) ran together Saturday morning. When he ran Monday morning with just the two older dogs, a friend wondered where 'the baby' was.

I did notice last night that the flyer I put on the fence at the school is still there, so hopefully Dr Angle (the principal) is taking pity on me :)


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