Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Micmac Update

Or lack thereof.

So, we tried a second animal communicator. I went with one somebody actually knew, vs a 'friend of a friend told me' type person (Dianne Tamm sent you the recommendation, Jo) and, frankly, we feel worse now than we did originally. Basically what she said was completely and utterly opposite to what the other lady told us.

This was the first message, after we'd emailed back and forth a few times:

"Ok, back to your boy here...when Diane first asked me if I could check what the other communicators said, I had looked at Mic's photo and right away saw and could hear, water, wasn't sure if it was a stream, good sized river or what, as I was seeing Mic standing near it looking at something he was fascinated with, it was rocky around the edges, then a bit of a dirt clearing, trees all around.

I've asked Mic if he has been home, he kind of danced around that one, but did finally say he has...late, when it's dark. I asked why he didn't stay put...he said he was having fun and loves looking at everything, especially water. And I'll talk with him much more from work, just wanted to connect with him, as I also felt he has been home...quick hit and run style.

Where I went from your house when Mic first went missing was out the back, heading through the woods, then he cut over to Grandville Rd, from there up to the water running through the area...I've marked on the map everyplace I am getting Mic has been...keep in mind dowsing isn't an exact science, he has probably been further in either direction then the general route I've marked, I always tell people to spread out from any areas marked.

I did not get he has crossed any major hwys, but is staying in a pattern back and forth. Oh, I did ask about food...he said food's no problem, he's either caught small stuff to eat (got any rabbits around ??) or raided open sheds, places like that where people leave out cat food...they always seem to find cat food ! He is staying away from people. And I also got the cemetery...another popular spot for missing ones for some reason.

Right now I'm dowsing the area just beyond Lake Dr, in-between there and that small street or road that leads over to Grandview.

I had to zoom these down to get in a larger area...Virtual Earth was horrible on showing your area. I've got several maps to take with me tonight...wanted to get this one to you. I'll see if Mic has any kind of time pattern between day and evening that is regular or if he's just winging it. He's not stressed out at all, pretty much in love with life is what I get from him and in his own little world right now. Animals don't have any real conception of time as we know it, they really do live in the moment...away from home, especially when out moving around, every moment are also survival moments and using their basic instincts that kick right in, even for our couch potatoes.

When this happens there is certainly a break between family ties, you can help center them a bit by visualizing a "Beacon Of Light" over your home (like a lighthouse) that they can see from wherever they are. Think of revolving light sending out positive/happy memories of home, family and things you have all done together, while I work on a different kind of family reconnection for you all."

and then this was from last night:

"Macbeth was a bit light trying to talk to a 2yr old last night, cuter then heck, but a tad rebellious also right now. He just doesn't think there is anything wrong with going wherever he pleases, and I've certainly had more than my share of young ones say that. They can really stretch "free will" to the limits at times. And he is just about the right rebellious age that all dogs go through to some degree or another.

I keep getting a glimpse of him curled up in something that reminds me of a den...could be a fallen tree trunk surrounded by old growth too...whatever it is you could literally walk right by it and not see him ! I'm going to say absolutely widen out from the areas I marked on the map...and if you didn't get the map, let me know and I'll resend it. I wasn't finding a pattern time wise last night but will keep checking that. In the interim...I'm trying a couple of different
remote methods to re-connect Mic to home...and that does take time for it to click in their brains"

When we first got Doodle, she hadn't had much to do with people. From what I remember Yvonne telling me, she'd spent most of her life crated on the lady's back porch. And even then, when we finally found her a month later, she was ecstatic to see us, as if she was saying 'About
time you guys finally found me!' - and we'd only had her five weeks when we went missing! So I just really, really don't see MicMac happily roaming the woods by himself, when he went from being one of 11 puppies into being one of a four dog pack and he's such a snuggle bunny and...

Darren's really depressed, actually - I think he's feeling it the worst.

So, hopefully my vet friend Chris' really bright posters will bring us something. We'll see.


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